BBP 124 : How to Nail Your Niche

Whether you pronounce it as “neesh” or “nitch” the meaning is exactly the same.

But understanding the real definition is only half the battle, because we need to know HOW to identify your niche and how it will help you attract more clients more easily and to become successful more quickly.

I’ll cover all the basics here in this episode, but if you’d like my help to really nail down your niche then join me for my upcoming Nail Your Niche challenge over in my Facebook group. 

Listen to this episode all the way to the end to find out the details on how to join.

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

What is exactly a Niche How does it work? (6:38)

What is it You’re REALLY  Selling? (9:43)

The Big Mistakes You’re Probably Making Now (11:30)

Sharing is Caring!

“The more treatments you offer, the more of a generalist you become and the further away you get from being a specialist and the success that you really want.”

-Adam Chatterley

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