BBP 136 : Your Top 5 Questions About Price

Thinking of making a change to your prices? 

Not sure if now is the right time?

What if you lose clients???

Don’t panic. Let me answer your most asked questions about prices. Especially around what to charge and how to raise your prices the right way.

And if you’d like me to help you work out your prices for you, I’ll tell you how we can make that happen too.

But right now, select your favourite podcast app below to get answers to your most pressing pricing questions.

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

What To Charge? (3:31)

Pricing Mistakes (5:18)

Value-Based Pricing (8:34)

Announcing a Price Increase (15:25)

Know Thy Profit Margins (18:25)


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Pricing is at the core of your business, I talk about it more than anything else yet still, despite all my efforts, is STILL one of the biggest problem areas of independent beauty business owners like you. Adam Chatterley –

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