BBP 141 : How to Earn Whatever You Want

It’s at night, your mind starts to wander. For reasons passing comprehension it settles on the subject of money. And that’s when the anxiety kicks in…

Will I earn enough this month?

If I don’t, how will I pay the bills?

You are not alone because lot’s of other small business owners feel exactly the same way. I used to feel like this too.

This kind of thinking serves no one, so let’s turn this around shall we?

To ease your worries and to help you understand how to not only earn the money that you need, but also the money that you want, listen up.

Along with this week’s podcast, I’m giving away a FREE workbook, training, and my “Earn Whatever You Want” calculator so you’re no longer plagued by lack of profits or mortified by money.

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Let’s Talk About money (3:07)

Money Worries (4:45)

Magnify Your Money (9:10)


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It makes a huge difference to be able to understand what it is you need to earn, where  you can be earning it, how that money’s coming in, and to be able to see and predict it all easily. Adam Chatterley –

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