BBP 142 : 3 Tweaks To Earning 1k a Week

As business owners, we all want to earn a decent amount of money for the work we do and the risks we take. 

And I believe most of us are willing to do the hard work to get there. 

Problem is it’s easy to feel lost on your journey, there are so many things to focus on that it’s hard to know the next right thing for your business.. 

There are so many options for you that all may possibly be the answer to your problems. Not to mention that you’re already dealing with too many tasks, it’s difficult to pinpoint the essentials. 

In this this episode I’ll explain the 3 key things you should be focusing on in your business if you are not yet generating 1k a week in revenue, even if you work on your own.

Why don’t we hit the play button together now so we can start getting you the money you deserve.

Ready? 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. go!

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“In my experience, there are just three key things that you need to focis on when you’re still small or have a small team to earn the money you need if you are starting out in your business.” Adam Chatterley –

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