BBP 144 : Is Fear Holding You Back?

Everyday you make decisions in your business.

The outcome of those decisions affect the success, even the survival of your business.

So no wonder they come loaded with all sorts of fears.

Our minds have used fear to keep us safe for thousands of years. “Big scary sounding noise = run and hide”.

But in business it holds us back. Fear reinforces stories that stop us from chasing dreams, taking a chance, investing in ourselves and our in business to get what we want.

How do we go about becoming more confident and courageous in our business decisions? How do we stop making fear based decisions?
Fear not (couldn’t resist), because in this episode I’ll expose all those fear based decisions you’re making. How to spot them and how to stop them altogether.

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Don’t let fear hold you back in your business. Don’t run things scared. Make bold changes. Make big goals, but make sure to get help and get there quicker, with less risk  and save time too.Adam Chatterley –

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