BBP 145 : How to Stay Motivated When You Work Alone

Running your own business can be a lonely job. Even if you have a team or run a large spa or clinic, that feeling of being alone is real. 

I keep hearing this. I feel it too.

Being the boss of your own business can be incredibly rewarding, freeing, even exciting because you get to work at your own pace, you get to decide what to do, and you make the decisions.

However, they don’t tell you that this is only the case when things are going well. And that doesn’t happen all the time?

If you feel alone, worried, and distracted, you’ll quickly lose motivation. 

And that makes everything worse!

So how can you stay inspired when you’re the business owner? 

Here’s what I suggest . . . listen now.

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“You need to win every week. You need to go into the week with a plan. You need to come out of the week having evaluated the plan so you can know what you did, and you never get that ‘What did I do all week? feeling.”

Adam Chatterley –

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