BBP 149 : The Right Thing at the Wrong Time?

Doing the right thing at the wrong time in your business journey is a big mistake.

And a common one too.

There’s no manual for running a business. That’s partly what makes it fun and exciting because  you get to do your own thing.

But damn, if it doesn’t make it hard work and way more stressful than it needs to be.

If only there was at least some sort of checklist to make sure you had all the bits you need in place, at the level you’re at, to make it easier and without the guesswork.

Well now there is!

It’s called the BBS Blueprint.

No more winging it or copying the A players . . only to find that it just doesn’t work. 

Instead we’ll hand you your own framework, proven to work, to make sure you can implement it properly to your business and still do things your own way.

If you feel confused about where you are in your journey as a beauty business owner or what to focus on next, then this podcast episode is for you.

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Episode Highlights:

The Business Mountain

Two Big Mistakes Beauty Business Owners Make (3:25 )

The Beauty Business Secrets Blueprint (7:10)

Four Key Stages of Business (8:35)

Three Main Reasons for Proper Pricing (12:32)

Client Life Strategy (14:13)


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“You want a system in place, a strategy, a process something that is going to engineer new clients to come back again as quickly as possible. Because that’s the way you turn them into repeat regular clients.”Adam Chatterley 

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