BBP 150 : How to Get More Leads with Less Effort on Social?

Let’s admit it, the reason we’re on social media as business owners is to get more clients. 

And we know there are various ways to gain their attention, but it all takes so much time and effort.

Not to mention procrastination time, worry, over-thinking, guilt for not doing more etc.

And then when you do put in the time and effort,  the stories, the reels, and the lives . . . . nothing.


So here’s the question… “Who wants to spend less time on social media yet get better results?”

And by results I mean leads which turn in to clients?

If you are mentally raising your hand then let me share something with you I discovered while I was at a party. 

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Episode Highlights:

Two Options To Find People on Social Media (6:17)

The Swift Fifteen (8:12 )

Make More MONEY (22:50)


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“Standing on your own at a party is no fun. We need to be going out and actively starting conversations with people.”Adam Chatterley 

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