BBP 159 : How an Unexpected Request Became a Career Opportunity

Was there a moment that set you on the business journey you’re now on?

I’ve never had anyone interview me on my own podcast, but an opportunity came knocking recently when one of the wonderful people from Skin Professionals UK asked me if I’d be a guest in their group.

The interview was so much fun, and we dived deep touching on topics like what I do behind the scenes of the spa industry, the most powerful lessons I’ve learned on my business journey as well as the things that still frustrate me most.

. . . it also made me realise the moment I was destined to work in the beauty industry. 

It was so much fun, I asked if I could release it as a podcast episode. 

Come and join Sarah Hurst and I and listen in while I regale you with tales of my own mis-adventure! 

[Find out more about the Skin Professionals HERE]

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