BBP 165 : Harnessing the Guest Experience to Get Fully Booked

How important would you say your guest experience is?

It’s got to be pretty high up there right.

What if you made it the Number One thing you focussed on in your business. In fact, what if you became obsessed with it above everything else. 

That’s what Amie and Nison did in their beauty business and not only has it resulted in their entire team being fully booked – they even have to turn clients away –  but it’s won them a couple of very high profile awards.

They put their success down to doing things differently, specialisation and making sure that their Guest Experience is at the heart of everything they do.

Come and join me for a conversation with Amie and Nison to hear how their journey started and how they turned the most unlikely of buildings in to an award winning salon.

Episode Highlights:

6:10 Amie and Nison Migirova’s Journey

07:55 Bagging the Awards

16:10 Focusing on Guest Experience and Specialtisation

22:22 Sharing Your Vision with Your Team

25:35 The Highs and Lows of their Journey

28:53 Amie’s Golden Rule for Hiring 

31:20 Challenges Encountered

39:29 Tips To Get More Clients the Emma Justine way

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Sharing is Caring!

“The number one thing for us is just providing an excellent customer experience and letting it do the work. Because if you have happy clients, they’ll come back, you’ll have referrals and you’ll have all the reviews you need.”Amie Migirova

“It’s a constant re-evaluation. You need to be constantly on top of your game and understand that you need to change sometimes as the industry changes.”Nison Migirova





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