BBP 168: Busting Myths: The Truth About The Skin Business with Andrew Hansford


It’s not about skin care, it’s an episode for those beauty professionals who are specializing in skin and those who might be interested to be a skin expert or aesthetician.

In fact, we’re busting all the big myths about the business side of skin.

Internationally renowned, skin expert, Andrew Hansford is genuinely passionate not only about skin but about the proper education of skin specialists in the industry as well.

…. and he’s tired of all the misinformation there is out there about it!

From modelling, to studying about skin to writing a book and supporting a heartwarming charity, whether you’re skin focussed or not, this episode is something you shouldn’t miss out on!

Get ready for EVERYTHING you need to hear about the skin business plus some astonishing and hilarious tales from Andrew’s career.

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Working with Skin (4:34 )

Why focus on the skin and what are the benefits? (11:05)

Is it expensive to start specialising in skin? (16:10)

What do really you need to become a skin specialist? (18:55)

The fads; what should people avoid or embrace? (23:20)

How To Choose a brand to work with? (27:00)

What’s New with Andrew? (30:30 )

The Dressing Marilyn Book (33:42)

The Homeless Kids BackPack Initiative (40:45)


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Instagram – @andrewhansford


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“The word skin specialist didn’t exist five or six years ago. And I’m so grateful that they have this title now. So what it basically says is, I am a skin specialist. That’s what I do. It’s ALL I do, I do not do all of the other things.”Andrew Hansford  –

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