BBP 169 : Beyond the Individual: How to Make Your Team Work with Phil Jackson

Are you a beauty business owner struggling with starting, hiring or managing your team members?

In this episode, we’ve brought back Phil Jackson, founder of Build Your Salon, to share his expertise on tackling these challenges.

Phil walks us through his proven strategies for hiring exceptional team members and how to effortlessly manage them to ensure they align with, and deliver on your business goals.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your existing team, this episode is packed with valuable insights to help your beauty business thrive. Tune in now to learn how to build a team that drives success!

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What’s new with Phil Jackson? (7:54)

What really is a team? (9:55)

Why is having a team important? (12:00)

Biggest mistakes when creating a team (14:55)

What are the key benefits of building a team? (19:15)

How to get the best out of your teams (24:55)

Dream Team Rocket Fuel (30:00)


Dream Rocket Fuel –


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“The biggest problem we have in our industry is we tolerate poor performance. It comes from a place of insecurity or a place of fear. I am fully convinced that if you knew you that could effectively recruit good team members, you would not tolerate poor performance.” Phil Jackson  –

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