BBP 188: Quit Worrying About Gaps in Your Appointment Book

Let’s tackle a super stressful but mission-critical aspect of managing your beauty business – those gaps in your appointment book. 

…a.k.a. too much white-space!

In a recent coaching call a one-to-one client of mine said she was stressed and having sleepless nights over empty slots in her appointment book – after all, empty slots equal no revenue.

On the call, I laid out a method to tackle this I developed years ago, oddly while learning to ride a motorbike. 

Trust me, it makes more sense when you hear it.

Listen now to learn a 5-minute daily practice, to identify and fill those gaps in your booking systems. Don’t miss out on the solution that could revolutionize your appointment book scheduling.


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“If you consistently monitor your appointment book daily using the 213 Technique and you understand your white space levels at each stage, then you’ll never be blindsided by gaps, meaning you never have to worry about it again.” –Adam Chatterley

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