BBP 002 : Beauty Salon Owners Social Media Questions Answered with Catherine Trebble

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What To Expect . . .

In todays show I am joined by salon and spa social media expert Catherine Trebble from as we go through a list of questions from my audience over at all about tackling the world of social media for beauty businesses.

We tackle a series of questions, all sent in by readers and you can find all these questions in the show notes below. To get the answers you are just going to have to listen to the episode!

Show Notes:

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1. What is the best social media platform to use? Should I just use one or a bit of all of them?

2. Does having a Facebook page really get more business or is just something everyone is doing that we all think we should do it too? Is there really a benefit?

3. A few months ago I read that SnapChat was going to be the next big thing, but now it seems like no one is talking about it? Now there seems to be lots of people talking about Periscope . . . but is this just going to disappear too? Is it best just to stick with Facebook as it seems to be here to stay, or is there any value in looking at other options?

4. What is the best/fastest way to get page likes?

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5. I have my business page up on Facebook and was wondering if it was worth paying for advertisement on Facebook? Do you think it is worth it?

6. Why do all the people who like my page not see my updates? I post updates several times a day, but my clients don’t always see them? How can I make it so they do?

7. Should I put my salon prices on Facebook? If so what is the best way to do this?

8. What times of the day are best to post on Facebook for most effect?

8.1 – Is there a tool to help you figure out when your audience is on Facebook?

9. How much time should I be spending on Social Media each day. It seems like to make any sort of impact I need to be posting or updating all the time. I just don’t have the time to do this?

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