BBP 006 : How To Get The Most Out Of Your Salon Software

 How to Get The Most Out of Your Salon Software featuring Rich McCabe Image

Intro Bit . . .

This is the second episode in my self declared Software Month (February 2016) here on The Beauty Business Podcast and also on our sister site,

We have already covered the questions you should ask yourself first when considering salon software for your beauty business, salon or spa as well as “How to Choose The Best Salon Software for Your Salon or Spa” in the last article on which you can read by clicking on the title in this sentence or just click THIS.

Today we take it to the next stage . . . you have asked yourself whether you really need software, you may have decided on the one you are going for. Now, how do you make sure your investment in both TIME and MONEY are utilised to the max!

Show Notes:

Todays show is in Two Parts . . .

Part One: 11 Tips to Get The Most Out Of Your Software (plus a couple of Bonus Tips)

Part Two: An interview/discussion with Richard McCabe, a multiple award winning salon owner turned salon business coach and his dealings with software, his thoughts on what makes a good salon software choice as well as some advice for software companies to make the perfect salon business software!

Useful Links and Information . . .

Part One of the Show . . . 

Tip No. 1 – Start with the Right Software for Your Business

Resources from the previous article:

Get the “How to Choose the Best Salon Software for Your Salon or Spa” Checklist

Get the complete list of Salon Business Software systems

Tip No. 2 – Set It Up Correctly – Take Your Time

Tip No. 3 – Get Trained

Bonus Tip: Take Notes and Train – “Notes on Note Taking”

Tip No. 4 – Don’t Use Everything from the Start

Tip No. 5 – Keep Things Tidy . . . just like your salon

Tip No. 6 – Ooops . . . looks like I missed Tip No. 6???

Tip No. 7 – Don’t Keep the Knowledge All to Yourself / Delegate Tasks

Tip No. 8 – Create a System

Bonus Tip: Include the “Why” – The Power of the Word “Because”

Tip No. 9 – Automate!

Tip No. 10 – Invest in Ongoing Training

Tip No. 11 – Keep Up to Date with New Features


Part Two of the Show . . .  

Interview/Conversation with Rich McCabe from

Richard’s Story . . .

Richard’s thoughts on what questions a salon owner should ask themselves before looking at software?

Richards advice for salon owners that have just started using software?

What would the perfect salon software look like?

“What if Apple were to make salon software? – Tweet This

Awesome Tip: How to increase your revenue by 20% by doing this one thing! [36m 50s]

What event was I at that I covered over 15km in a single day? – Check Out for video of the event and see me running around!

Find out more about Richard and what he is up to at – sign up for his newsletter and get some fantastic tips, thoughts and advice.

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