BBP 011 : The Right Way to Price Treatments in Your Salon

The Right Way to Price Treatments In Your Salon

The Intro Bit . . .

Today we are talking all about “Value Pricing” or value based pricing and I belive this is the ONLY way to price your treatments to ensure you are getting the price right and therefore the right remuneration for you (and your teams’) very hard work.

The Show Notes . . . 

On todays episode . . .

  • What is Value Based Pricing
  • How to apply this to your business
  • A few Examples along the way

What IS Value Based Pricing?


Download the FREE Worksheet to help you value price your treatments for maximum profit!


Is price the only reason that people buy or not?


An Example: How does Waitrose (the supermarket) exist?


Value Based Pricing looks hard . . . . why should we bother?



How to Value Price Treatments . . .

Step One: Start with the Base Price

  • Product Costs
  • Wage Costs
  • Overheads

Note: How Ellisons Professional Beauty supplies blew me away!

Step Two: Investigation Time

  • Survey Your Customers (actually ASK them QUESTIONS)

Step Three: The Top End and the Bottom End

Step Four: Bring It All Together

Step Five: Shout About Your Values


Remember you can . . . Download the FREE Worksheet to help you value price your treatments for maximum profit!


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  1. Hi there, I’ve just stumbled upon your podcasts and I love them. I’ve been worried about my prices for awhile. I’m keen to get started on the worksheet but it isn’t here. If you upload again, I’d love a copy. Thanks 🙂

    1. HI Rebecca . . . thanks for listening to the podcast and sorry about the file. We changes software systems a while ago and this one seems to have fallen through the cracks! We are just tracking down the worksheet now, looking down the back of the sofa and everything and as soon as we locate it we will update the link for you to download it!

      I’ll put another message in here once it’s available again!


  2. Hi there, are these worksheets no longer available?

    1. Hey Isobel . . .

      Thank you for listening and for your comment. Same reply as to Rebecca above at the moment. If we can’t track down the original file then we will create a brand new one and upload it. Give me a day or two and I will make sure something is there . . . .


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