BBP 003 : Keep Clients Coming Back and Save Money in your Salon with Susan Routledge

How to Keep Clients Flooding In and Stop Money Flooding Out of Your Beauty Salon with Susan Routledge Image

Intro . . .

Today we are talking about Clients . . . getting them, keeping them and also a little bonus information about keeping costs and spending under control in your health and beauty business.

Todays guest has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years. After leaving school at 16 she studied hair and beauty therapy. After starting her own salon and then giving it away she now owns the largest beauty salon in the north of england, with numerous awards under it’s belt . . . and it keeps getting more.

Her name is Susan Routledge and today as well as continuing to own Finishing Touch Health and Beauty Salon, Susan is a renowned author, speaker, consultant and business turnaround expert in the Health and Beauty Industry.

Susan is particularly known for her experise and RESULTS in client retention and when you hear about the length of the waiting list for appointments at her salon  . . . you will understand why.


Show Notes . . .

Find out more about Susan Routledge: Susan’s Story 

How to get clients flooding in and stop cash flowing out of your business?

Things covered in this episode:-

(1) You need to know who your ideal client is

(2) Build loyalty with multiple treatments

– The power of 4

– Don’t do discounts; create an offer instead

– get feedback from your client

Bonus Money Saving Tip: Sell new treatments/products before you buy them!

(3) Keep EVERYTHING in your business consistent; but don’t stand still

(4) Use your existing clients to get new clients – the ONLY time to discount

(5) Give your clients something to talk about (to their friends)

(6) Keep in touch with your clients . . . especially the ones who haven’t visited for a while

(7) You don’t have to do everything on your own

(8) Work closely with other local businesses

(9) Offer your clients more to build community; Susan’s charity events

(10) Make your clients rebook . . . . or try this . . . the scarcity hack

(11) How to have a full appointment book for a whole year

(12) Plan for profit . . . and keep it simple

(13) Do you know how much money do you need to bring in?

(14) Plan for paying Tax no matter how small your are now

(15) Susan’s 30:50:20 plan for making money in your beauty business

(16) Know where you are going . . . . and bring your team with you

(17) Susan’s Business Tracking Software – Coming Soon!

Special Announcement: Coming in February 2016

Other Resources Available from Susan . . .

Susan’s Business Balance Calculator [Free Download]

The Little Book of Client Retention by Susan Routledge [Click on Image Below]

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