BBP 017 : How to Make the Most of Your Next Beauty Event or Conference

How to Make the Most of Your Next Beauty Event or Conference

Big things happen at events and conferences. They’re an important part of any industry and a great place to find new suppliers, new business partners, pick up new ideas, advice and encouragement. To meet with other salon owners in the same situations as you to echange ideas, to share a challenge or problem or simply to pick up a bargain on some new equipment you have had your eye on.


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Love em’ or hate ’em . . . you can’t really avoid them AND you SHOULDN’T because they genuinely can help to drive your business to the next level and/or re-invogorate you with renewed passion for what you do . . . BUT even if they are only for a day, attending an event costs you real money . . . you have the conference or event ticket prices, travel and possibly accomodation and food. You might even be taking other members of your team along with you and if the conference falls on a day when your salon should be open . . . you might have to close for the day or a couple of days thus costing you income as well!


And that is where today’s episode comes in . . . . this is the “Beauty Event Survival Guide” if you like for getting the most out of any salon event. I want to make sure you come back with MUCH more than a bag of sample’s, LOTs of leaflets and brochures and maybe a selfie with your favourite industry celebrity.

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