BBP 005: Your Salon Software Questions Answered

Episode 5 - Your Salon Software Questions Answered

Intro Bit . . .

This is the first episode to kick off Software Month (February 2016) here on The Beauty Business Podcast and also on our sister site,

I wanted to start right at the beginning for this episode and start with the real basics when it comes to salon booking software and indeed salon and spa software in general. It doesn’t come more basic than the first question I tackle in this episode (see below).

So if you are considering looking at using salon software of any kind, looking to change your salon booking software or even if you think salon appointment software isn’t for you right now . . . then this episode is perfect for you!


Show Notes:

The questions I tackle in this episode are:-

(1) Do you really need salon software to help you manage your Salon, Health or Beauty Business?

And if so . . .

(2) What are the benefits of having salon or spa software to help manage your business? – Including what are the different types of software that are available?

(3) What options are there for running your software? – Including On Line versus Off Line (Local) Software solutions

And Finally . . .

(4) Why is it important to choose the right software for your salon the first time around?


Useful Links and Information . . .


According to (formerly Wahanda – an online hair and beauty booking site) around 40% of their online bookings happen between the hours of 11pm and 7am. – Online Hair & Beauty Bookings Marketplace – Fill Your Appointment Gaps and Cancellations (It’s awesome . . check it out!)


How to Check your Internet Connection:-

Use to test this – don’t rely on the connection speeds your Internet Service Provider tells you that you should be getting!

Example: – Example

Ideally you want at least 8Mbps as a minimum upload speed and at least 1Mbps as a download speed. Check with your Software Provider for exact requirements.


Article: How to Choose the best Salon Software for Your Spa, Salon or Beauty Business?Coming Soon!



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  1. Great podcast Adam! Looking forward to seeing the article.

    1. Thanks Paul – Article is scheduled for next Wednesday on the 17th, but realised that I have stacked a few things going on that day . . . so just as a warning it might spill over to Thursday 18th Feb! 🙂

    2. That’s not just the best answre. It’s the bestest answer!

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