BBP 073 : National Spa Week : Special Edition – Leadership

Welcome back to another special edition of the show. This is part SIX in a special series supporting national spa week here in the UK which takes place from the 4th to the 10th of November 2019. 

Today on the show we are delving in to the subject of Leadership within an organisation specifically within a spa . . but the same concepts apply in a salon or a hotel as you progress through your career or business journey. 

I’m joined today by guest expert Rebecca Bonnington from Tricres and she shares with me . . . and with all of you an entirely new way to look at the requirements of a leader in a business as you progress throughout your own journey . . . no matter what stage you are at right now. 

So take a few minutes for todays insightful conversation as we as we learn more about this new kind of leadership in the spa industry.

Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Meet Rebecca Bonnington (3:44)

Leadership In Small Businesses (5:21)

Is Leadership The New Management? (7:36)

How Does Leadership Apply To Every Stage of Your Career (9:28)

Managing A Team (14:14)

Tips On Proper Management (21:20)

Changes in Leadership Within A Higher Role (25:12)

Being On Top Of The Mountain (39:27)

Favorite Resources of Learning in the Modern World (43:21)



Episode 73 Show Notes:

Get In Touch With Rebecca Bonnington:






National Spa Week:


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“A leader will empower their people and give them the tools and confidence they need to deliver these tasks without being micromanaged and then give them the full accountability and responsibility for delivering those tasks. ” Rebecca Bonnington

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