BBP 110 : Creating the Perfect Client Experience with Steph Crosby and Caroline Cornish

On this week’s podcast, we are are joined by not one, but two amazing women.

Coincidence  . . . given that it’s International Women’s Day this week?

We ALL want our clients to have an amazing experience with us. And our clients want the same, but what things should we think about to deliver the perfect experience.

And what happens when it goes spectacularly wrong.

Joining us on this episode are Caroline Cornish and Steph Crosby from Thirteen 33. They are responsible for crafting the most amazing client experience I’ve ever  . . . experienced. They share what things they look at to create the perfect client experience, and they are NOT what you think they might be.

Come on a journey of client experience with us, hit the play button now.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Steph’s Background (7:20)

Caroline’s Journey (8:55)

Factors in creating the Perfect Client Experience (11:11)

Understanding what clients really want (12:49)

Caroline’s Epiphany (16:14)

The Perfect ‘Team’ Experience (17:39)

Choosing the Right People (20:28)

Trusting Your Team (30:30)

Value Feedback (37:44)

Ready To Listen (55:09)


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