BBP 123 : Price Your Treatments Like a Sandwich

Before we start, let me ask you this question…

Is your beauty business really a business or more of a hobby or possibly even a charity?

I speak to business owners all the time who are not earning enough because they’re pricing your treatments all wrong.

Why are you devaluing your hard work?

Let’s get into the root cause of this common problem in the beauty industry. Let me mind shift your whole thought process around pricing in the next 27minuntes and 59 seconds.

In case you are wondering what’s with the connection between the sandwich and your pricing, then let’s get into the podcast, shall we?

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Do You Have a Business, Hobby or Charity? (5:02 )

The Simple Pricing Formula Everyone Should Use (8:10)

Deal Hunters Vs Value Seekers (10:30)

How to Attract the Value Seekers (11:02)

Kate’s Story (14:02)

The Thousand-dollar Sandwich (16:27)

What Would You Pay for a Set of Playing Cards (21:20)

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“It’s not about the treatment, the service that you are performing, or the product you are recommending. It’s about the VALUE you are offering to your client.”

-Adam Chatterley

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