BBP 133 : Embrace your weirdness and stand out from your competition

All the beauty businesses in your area are trying to attract clients in the same way. 

But the real reason your existing clients come back and choose you over those others is that you’re YOU!

Sure your treatments and services are amazing, your products get amazing results and your customer service is 5 star.

But everyone says that.

It’s time to embrace your individuality to stand out and attract your perfect clients to your beauty business.

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Toning Things Down = Bland Marketing (3:21)

Accumulating Clients (4:40)

Don’t Wait to Connect With YOUR Clients (6:03)

Don’t Carry Your Donkey (9:03)

Where to be More YOU (10:12)

Things YOU need to remember (19:38)

More Money By Being You (22:45)

Sharing is Caring!

The reason that people come back to a particular salon is because of YOU. It’s not necessarily the treatments that you do, or the products you use, it’s YOU. Adam Chatterley –

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