BBP 162 : The Perfect Software to Help Boost Your Bookings

If you’re looking to give your beauty bookings a bit of a boost then you’ve already got the perfect system for that in my 7 Day Booking Book™

And If not … where have you been?


I created this fantastic guide several years ago and recently, it got a complete makeover! 

It’s quite simply the easiest way to get more bookings in just seven days. Without any social media time either!

But the cool thing is that it’s so easy and quick that you’ll want to keep doing it beyond the 7 days to keep your bookings coming in.

Problem is, once the bookings start coming in and you get busier, keeping track of the process can get a little fiddly.

But we’ve found the perfect software to make sure you follow the system every day, keep on top of things and … dare I say, it might even make everything even easier.

You gotta listen  to the episode to find out what it is though . . .

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The 7-Day Booking Boost’s whole idea is designed to get you a boost of bookings within the next seven days. But it’s so easy you’ll want to keep using it . . . that’s where this amazing software comes into its own.

Adam Chatterley

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  1. Thanks for the episode. Tried using the code for DEX, unfortunately it’s only free for 7 days

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