BBP 069 : National Spa Week : Special Edition – Recruitment and Retention

Hello to day three of our special series of the Beauty Business Podcast episodes supporting National Spa Week and this year’s topic, 2019 if you are listening to this in the future, which is Wellness In the Workplace. 

Like I said in the title there . . . today’s topic is Recruitment and Retention. Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the beauty and spa industry then you will I am sure be aware that we are facing a real challenge with recruitment across the industry.

Today’s amazing guest expert who will help shine some light and provide some important solutions to this challenge . . . a good friend of mine, Helena Field, founder of SpaPulse a website and service taking a whole new approach to recruitment.

Now take a little time out and join me on this episode as talk all about Recruitment and Retention with Helena Field.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

All About Helena Field (6:19)

Helena’s View On Recruitment Crisis (9:26)

The Employer Side of Recruitment Insights (13:14)

The Interview Stage (16:21)

Tips on Making The Right Choice (19:31)

What Comes Next After Finding The Right One (21:07)

Final Thoughts On The Employer Side of Recruitment (28:25)

The Start of An Employee’s Journey (30:54)

Preparing For An Interview (36:15)

How An Employee Can Maximize Their First Day (41:11)

Why Communication Is Key (43:42)

How To Retain Their Employment (46:11)

Advice To A New Employee (50:05)



Episode 69 Show Notes:

Get In Touch With Helena Field:



National Spa Week:


Sharing is Caring!

“If they’ve got the willingness, the passion and warmth then you and your team can help match . .  even if their qualifications or at least their experience it isn’t right where you want it. I’ve done this many times and I’ve seen incredible results. That’s where I pick the right personality over somebody that may have lots of experience, but comes in with the wrong attitude, so for me it’s about attitude and personality.” -Helena Field-

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