BBP 174 : The Beginners Guide to SEO

So you’ve got your website built . . . that was fun!

Now how on earth do you get people to see the damn thing?

Well, beyond telling people about it, this is where the mystical world of S.E.O. comes in.

Note: S.E.O. stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which still doens’t mean much, but we’ll cover all that.

Learning SEO seems daunting and scary, but can be simple and straightforward if you know what you’re doing. That’s what our guest discovered when she shifted from beauty therapist to a website developer. 

Come and meet my former client turned Website wizard, Jules White, and discover how SEO helped her to land more clients, and her clients to land even more clients.


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Jules’ Journey from Beauty to Website (5:16)

What is SEO? (12:00)

How important SEO is to small businesses (13:30)

GMB and SEO (15:55)

Checking Your Analytics (17:55)

Top SEO Mistakes (23:50)

Tips for better SEO (32:45)

Afterword from Jules (38:02)


If you’re ready to start being found more regularly on Google, grab your free guide to getting started with SEO:

Sustainable Marketing using SEO: A Beginner’s Guide for Wellness 

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Need some help with your SEO? Jules can help in the following ways;

Join The Website Success Hub for DIY SEO. Understand step-by-step actions to take to make your website work for your business and create a sustainable marketing strategy!

For individual help? Book a 1:1 VIP SEO Strategy day with Jules

Struggling with setting up & understanding Google Analytics & Google Search Console? Check out Jules’ short course ‘Google Analytics 4 Made Simple – A Beginners Guide To Understanding Your Marketing Metrics’


Google Analytics – You can sign up for a free Google Analytics account and Google Search Console account.

For a great place to start exploring what people are actually searching for checkout out Google Trends

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“Before you start thinking about your SEO  — get very clear about your offer, knowing exactly what is that you sell and what’s special about it.”Jules White

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