BBP 056 : Boost Your Retail Sales While Beating the Online Beauty Sites and Department Stores with Daniela Woerner

Finally. . . the much promised, much anticipated mini-series all about products is here!

To kick things off I am joined again by a good friend of mine and the queen of salon and spa retail sales Daniela Woerner.

We’re talking about why retail sales are important to your spa or salon in 2019 because I firmly believe that your ability to sell retail products can help you to the next level of your business no matter how big or small you are.

Plus, we will be tackling the current pressing issue of beauty business owners that’s been making the rounds on social media all about how to compete with previously salon only retail product being sold through department stores or online merchants . . . often at prices lower than you are encouraged to sell at.

If you follow me on social,  then you probably saw my video where I discuss Amazon getting in to the professional beauty market by selling salon products and we all know that Amazon is a big name when it comes to online shopping.

So just how do you compete if you are an individual spa or salon owner?

Find out how by listening now. . .

. . .and stay tuned at the end of the podcast as I tell you how you can get your hands on a $100 Amazon Gift Card!


In case you have any concerns or burning questions about anything to to with products or retail then you can send me an email at or send me a message on any of my social media accounts.


Stay tuned for another episode next week as I will be continuing the product mini series and bringing more beauty industry experts…


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

How Important is Retail Sales To The Success of A Spa or Salon in 2019? (7:40)

Do People Who Come In for Treatments Really Want To Be Sold Products When They Come In? (10:10)

How Can An Independent Spa Compete If Professional Only Retail Products Are Being Sold With Better Prices Via Online or On Department Stores? (12:54)

As An Individual Spa or Salon Owner, What Can You Sell And  How To Measure This? (19:10)

What Exactly is Retail to Service Percentage? (22:52)

What Do You Teach Your Students To Aim For? (23:50)

Is It Possible For A Whole Team To Achieve the 50% Retail to Service conversion rate? (29:45)

What Have You Seen Recently That’s Working To Motivate Your Team To Focus On Retail Sales (35:00)



Episode 56 Show Notes:

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We need to be able to think outside the box . .  what do we have to offer that these other places don’t? That’s our expertise and that’s the high-touch capability. -Daniela Woerner-


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